VA – Dirty South Booty Freaknik (WEB) (2001) (VBR V0)

Posted: 16.02.2023


01 Luke– I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown)
02 Luke– Work It Out
03 Poison Clan– I Hate Hoes
04 The Mail Men– Sum Girls (Feat. Thrill Da Playa)
05 The 2 Live Crew– Get It Girl (Extended Mix)
06 Thrill Da Playa– Bang, Bang, Bang (Feat. JT Money, Trick Daddy)
07 The Smalls And Big Balls– Stunning & Shining (Feat. Baby, Lil’ Wayne)
08 The Smalls And Big Balls– I’m Hot (Feat. B.G.)
09 Uncle Al– Thick Like Grits (Feat. Motown, Polo Dynasty, Piccalo)
10 Uncle Al– No Matter What They Say (Feat. Motown, Polo Dynasty, Piccalo)
11 Uncle Al– Did That (Feat. Excaliber, Moony Boy, Verb)
12 Uncle Al– Do You Wanna Dance (Feat. Ms. Drea)
13 Uncle Al– Take Care Of Your Baby (Feat. Ms. Drea)
14 Uncle Al– Peanut Butter & Jelly
15 Uncle Al– Ball ‘Til We Fall (Feat. Blac Haze)
16 Uncle Al– Do You Get High (Feat. Piccalo)


VBR V0 – Wayshare

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