The Legendary Traxster – CHICAGO (A Side, B Side) (WEB) (2023) (320 kbps)

Posted: 20.06.2023

01. Killing Season (feat. G Count)
02. Spirits (feat. Tia London, Lil Chris, FBG Duck & King Louie)
03. Might Go Bad (feat. Fat Money)
04. Natural (feat. Twista & Gritz)
05. Calling U (feat. Tia London & Shawnna)
06. Pressure Points (feat. Buk of Psychodrama)
07. Passion (feat. Willie Taylor & Belo of Do Or Die)
08. Chicago (Interlude) (feat. Deray Davis & Kosine)
09. New Hoes (feat. Belo of Do Or Die & GLC)
10. Shitniggaah (feat. Deray Davis)
11. Crazy (feat. Vic Spencer, Tia London & KiaGotaChoppa)
12. So Cold (feat. Cold Hard of Crucial Conflict)
13. Still Stepping (feat. Tia London)
14. Me vs Me (feat. Tia London)
15. Bend on You (Interlude) (feat. Reese G of 3 Piece)

01. Look Closer (feat. Buk of Psychodrama)
02. Pablo Chopo (feat. G Count)
03. All in Your Face (feat. Tia London)
04. The Singularity (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
05. The Mutants (feat. Twone Gabz & MC Juice)
06. Claws (feat. Rhymefest & Tweak’G)
07. Down Time (feat. Teefa)
08. Just Dance (feat. Vic Spencer)
09. The Master and the Student (feat. IAMGAWD)
10. Steel Sharpens Steel (feat. Viper Crew)
11. The Irony of It (feat. Twone Gabz & Tyre Hakim)
12. Southside (feat. Griffen)
13. Don’t Do Coke (feat. Chimeka)
14. Legendary (feat. Griffen)
15. The Xec That Sat by the Door


320 kbps – Wayshare

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