Starvin B – 7 Train Lungs (2015) (iTunes)

Posted: 26.07.2015

Starvin B - 7 Train Lungs

Art will create a portrait of a life and the artist wills the life to be re-created as profound as the Art. The working of Art’s skill develops the muscles of integrity and the extraction of talent, purging the pus of commercialization’s dilution and oppression’s degradation, will strengthen the immune system of principles. Principles, the cards in the deck that math the inspections and weigh the worth of these uncontrolled substances. Substances at levels of volatility that fluctuate when hell is high and wealth is low, when the fake outflanks and the mettle of the realness waver. As the belly of works intensify, the MC still hungry. Starving blatantly when the jokers are thrown out the deck. Starvin building to the perfected pieces that penetrate upon play. Starvin B, a Master of Ceremony cementing sanity song by song


01. Taking Diamonds
02. Spirit Guide
03. Werewolf Keyboards (feat. Mic Rippa & Dro Pesci)
04. Olives in Empanadas (feat. Lex N.Y.R.E)
05. Thank You (feat. Foul Monday)
06. More Bottles
07. On the Boards (Skit)
08. Simple Math
09. Third Rail (feat. Spit Gemz & Fel Sweetenberg)
10. Quiz Show
11. The Way You Stink
12. Degenerate 7 (feat. Chez Rocka, Sofa, Trujillo, Mic Rippa & Legit Ez)


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