Spiritual Thugs – Religion, Sports, Politics (CD) (2006) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 20.09.2023

Spiritual Thugs include Young Bo, Pocahontas, and Jag Bomb. Young Bo is L.A.’s B- Boy who brought hip hop/rap to a whole other level. Born in N.Y. and raised in South Central L.A., Young Bo is a lyrical assassin. Pocahontas is from Trinidad and Tobago. With her feminine voice, she subtley rips a muddhole into the hip hop industry and puts L.A. back on the map for female hip hop artists. Jag Bomb is a hardcore, lyrical scientist . He was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca and represents authentic hip hop. Together, they make up the strongest team on the West Coast. They have revolutionized hip hop and sets a whole new standard.


01. King Of L.A. (Intro by Frank White)
02. Last Time I Checked
03. Get Over It
04. Keep On Keepin’ On
05. Heaven (feat. Chosen of The D-Boyz)
06. Devil In My Broken Home
07. Gettin’ No Better
08. Crazy
09. Religion, Sports, Politics
10. I Ain’t Lyin’
11. No Realer Than This
12. Who Would Of Thought? (feat. Young Doug of The Rich Boys, Drew, and O)
13. Images
14. Either
15. Get Up 2 Get Down (feat. R.B.X.)
16. When Was The Last Time
17. The Struggle
18. Postman
19. Double Up (feat. Chosen of The D-Boyz)
20. Hold Me Down
21. Show My Love
22. Clap (Bonus Track)
23. Mountain Top (Bonus Track)


FLAC – Wayshare

320 kbps – Wayshare

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