Soul Supreme – Poetic Justice (WEB) (2023) (320 kbps)

Posted: 30.05.2023

“There are not many things that can hurt me more than people stealing my music.” Late last year, Soul Supreme announced in a formal statement that he was—and still is, while completing this record—in a legal battle with a Norwegian producer and a money-grubbing indie label. A case to reclaim ownership over his masters. Industry rule #4080 in full effect.

People who know Soul Supreme, know he’s a music man at heart. So the silver lining of the lawsuit is that Poetic Justice emerged from it. After all, artists like Soul Supreme best express themselves through music. This is his way of coping with the dreadful situation; a heartfelt album to take you along for the ride.

Mind you: that doesn’t mean that this is a moody listen coming from a place of frustration and resentment. Far from it. Soul Supreme is confident in his case and that shows in his work on Poetic Justice. The music moves, grooves, throbs, and hits more than ever before. With thematic twists and turns to express how he’s been experiencing the legal fight.


01. Pulling Back The Curtain (Intro)
02. Dues And Don’ts
03. The Wait
04. Fraud Fades
05. Suit Up
06. Mood Swings
07. Mono Pro Bono
08. The Oath
09. Taking The Stand
10. All Rise
11. Sinkhole
12. The Appeal
13. Loyalty Over Royalty
14. The Wait (Pt. 2)
15. No Clouds On A Sunny Day
16. The Wait (Pt. 3)
17. I Rest My Case


320 kbps – Wayshare

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