Skanless – The Future Is Platinum (WEB) (2000) (320 kbps)

Posted: 19.11.2023

Spokane, WA.


01. Ball & Keep It Krump (feat. Big E, Indo, Kadosha, Nune & Joker)
02. Gangsta Island (feat. Kadosha)
03. The Kats (feat. Kadosha, Kindo & Nune)
04. We Be Smokin (feat. Kadosha)
05. How That Sound (feat. Leon Smith)
06. Keep It Cute (feat. Kindo)
07. Thug World Order (T.W.O) (feat. Kadosha)
08. We Got Way Mo (feat. Kadosha)
09. Look The Other Way (feat. June Bug, Kadosha & T. Hoov)
10. Sana Nita (feat. Kadosha)
11. My Momma Told Me (feat. Kindo)
12. Kat Katcher (feat. Kadosha)


320 kbps – Wayshare

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