Sir Chip – The Lottery: Diamonds-N-Da-Ruff (CD) (2005) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 04.01.2023

Memphis, TN.


01. Intro (Sir Chip)
02. Perfect Timing feat. The LandLord & Allawishes
03. Coldest Out Of Memphis feat. Gangsta Black & K Rock
04. B tch A z Niggas feat. Prophet Posse and Indo G.
05. E.G.B In Funky Town
06. Allawishes feat. E.G.B & K Rock
07. Flangin feat. K Rock
08. Who’s That feat. Nikki Ricardo & Kelo
09. Rob And Steal feat. The “Milk” Man & Mr. Sip
10. Something Shiney feat. Boss King, St. Peter & The LandLord
11. What You Heard About Me feat. E.G.B and Kelo
12. She Used To Be My Lover feat. J. Dizzle
13. 1,2,3 And To Tha 4 feat. The Judge & The LandLord
14. What You Need In Your Life feat. Bad Newz
15. Round 1 feat. The LandLord
16. Comin Up In Memphis feat. Remy & K Rock
17. In Your Face feat. Nikki Ricardo & E.G.B
18. City Of The Dead feat. Nikki Ricardo, Gino, Gangsta Boo and E.G.B
19. Memphis Is A Nation feat. The LandLord and Allawishes


FLAC – Wayshare

320 kbps – Wayshare

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