Various Artists – NYC Live Throw Down: 1979-1985 (2007) (DVD) (320 kbps)

Today i did some re-ups on these. Old school heads will understand. I hope we will see FLAC for this one someday.

Over 1 full day (33 live performances) of vintage and official live throwdowns, spanning from 1979 to 1985. New York City’s original school together in one complete set. This collector’s set includes one data DVD containing 3.5 GB of high quality (320 Bit Rate) mp3s. Each show is ID’d and sequenced, resulting in convenient use and enjoyment, as opposed to each show being one thirty to ninety minute-long continuous track. No collection is complete without the infamous Kool Moe Dee / Busy Bee scuffle, or the notorious routines of the Force MCs, Treacherous Three, and Cold Crush 4 MCs. The list of essentials on this disc is endless. Includes a 24 page full color booklet of vintage NYC show flyers and artwork.

1. Flash On The Beat Box  – Uploaded
2. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – ‘Funhouse 6-18-1982 (Live)Uploaded
3. Christmas Rappers Convention – ‘1981 (Live)’Uploaded
4. Cold Crush Battle The Fantastic Five – ‘Harlem World 1981 (Live)’Uploaded
5. Cold Crush vs. Force MCs – ‘Paterson, NJ 1983 (Live)’Uploaded
6. Cosmic Force, Afrika Bambaataa, Devastating 4, Soulsonic Force, Original Jazzy Five – ‘T-Connection 1980 (Live)’Uploaded
7. Cosmic Force, Devastating 4, Original Jazzy Five, Afrika Bambaataa, Red Alert, Whiz Kid – ‘T-Connection 1980 (Live)’ 
8. West, Magic Dee & Barry Bee – ‘House Tape 1983 (Live)’ – Uploaded
9. DJ Breakout, DJ Barren, Funky 4+1, DJ Whiz Kid, Harmonizing 4 – ‘T-Connection 1980 (Live)’Uploaded
10. DJ Jazzy Jay & The Jazzy Five MCs – ‘Paterson NJ 1981 (Live)’Uploaded
11. The Fantastic 5, Jazzy 5 – ‘Dota Rock’s Birthday Party (Live)’Uploaded
12. Doug E. Fresh, Barry Bee, Chuck A Luck, Sweet Slick & Sly, Tranquilizing 3 – ‘Unknown Date & Location (Live)’Uploaded
13. Ecstasy Garage All Stars: Grandmaster Caz, JDL, Whipper Whip, K-Gee, Ruby Dee, Theodore, Soul Sonic Force, Nice & Nasty Four – ‘Ecstasy Garage 1980 (Live)’ Uploaded
14. Fantastic Five, Grandmaster Caz, Busy Bee, Whiz kid, Treacherous Three, Spoonie Gee – ‘T-Connection 1981 (Live)’Uploaded
15. Force MCs – ‘Broadway International 1983 (Live)’Uploaded
16. Funky 4 + 1 – ‘Unknown Date & Location (Live)’Uploaded

17. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 – ‘T-Connection 1980 (Live)’Uploaded

18. Grandmixer DST & The Cold Crush Brothers – ‘Unknown Date & Location (Live)’Uploaded
19. Imperial JayCee, Grand Wizard Theodore, Fantastic Five, Touch Of Class – ‘T-Connection 1980 (Live)’Uploaded
20. Busy Bee & The Cold Crush Brothers – ‘Kevie Kev & Rubie Dee’s Birthday Party, Ecstasy Garage 1980 (Live)’Uploaded
21. Grandmaster Flash, Disco Bee, Busy Bee, Melle Mel, E-Man – ‘Live Convention (Live)’Uploaded
22. L-Brothers, Treacherous 3, Busy Bee, Melle Mel, Grandmaster Flash, Theodore, E-man, Smiley – ‘Live Convention, Celebrity Club 1980 (Live)’Uploaded
23. Phase 3, Cool AJ, Rapper Wise, Ultimate 3 MCs, DJ Disco, Quick, Sweet Slick and Sly – ‘MC Battle, Harlem World 1982 (Live)’Uploaded
24. Rodney C’s Birthday Party – ‘Zulu Nation 1980 (Live)’Uploaded
25. Super Sonic 4 MCs, DJ Cisco, Cool Clyde – ‘Ecstasy Garage 12-26-80 (Live)’Uploaded
26. Rat Ski, DJ Kevin Kanyeah, Emcee SPUD – ‘Sweet G’s Birthday Party (Live)’Uploaded
27. T La Rock & The Treacherous Three – ‘Hempstead, Long Island 1985 (Live)’Uploaded
28. The Incredible 3 MCs: Tech Ski, Destiny, Chucky Chuck & DJ Lil Chase – ‘Unknown Date & Location (Live)’Uploaded
29. Lovebug Starski, Treacherous Three, Spoonie Gee – ‘Treacherous 3 First Anniversary, Disco Fever 1981 (Live)’Uploaded
30. Treacherous 3 – ‘Club Negril 2-18-82 (Live)’ Uploaded
31. Jazzy Jay, Smitty Dee, Kid Vicious, Tricky Tee, Malibu, Pow Wow, Nae Nae – ‘Troy Troy’s Birthday, T-Connection 1980 (Live)’Uploaded
32. Cosmic Force, Sha Rock Lisa Lee, L-Brothers – ‘Zulu Nation 6th Anniversary, Unknown Date & Location (Live)’Uploaded
33. Zulu Nation, Jazzy Jay, Hutch Hutch, Pow Wow – ‘123 Park 1979 (Live)’Uploaded

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  • @Fleece Beast read:

    Mad respect, I've been checking your blog and your quality is consistent. Peace!!!!

  • @Anonymous read:

    This is incredible!!! Thx!!!!

  • @Anonymous read:

    yes! thanks for spreading the hip hop culture history! this is great! i listen to this now the first time after being a hip hop fan so long time. we here overseas missed these songs. hard to get before internet. oldschool rules!

  • @mGee read:

    Would love this upped to Florenfile

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