Moe Pope – Life After God (CD) (2010) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 12.07.2016

Moe Pope - Life After God

MC Moe Pope’s career first took off with the Bay Area-based group Mission (later known as Crown City Rockers). After a series of 12″ singles, Pope appeared on the group’s LP, One, in 2001, before he decided to return to Boston in order to look after his daughter. Back in his hometown, he connected with rapper/producer Insight and his five-man outfit, Electric (aka Electric Company). Along with members Anonymous and Raheem Jamal, Pope broke off from Electric to form Project Move, issuing their debut album, Love Gone Wrong/Butterfly Theory, in 2006. As each group’s members went off to make solo records, Pope reunited with his former Crown City cohort Headnodic for the 2008 well received collaborative album Megaphone. 2010 finds Moe Pope with a new production partner and a new label for his latest and most mature work to date, Life After God. Produced (almost entirely – Headnodic does supply the last beat as a bridge to the next Megaphone project) by upstart beat smith Rain (who has laid tracks for Masta Ace, Blacastan, Day Laborers and others), Life After God is what contemporary Hip Hop should sound like; not scared to take chances sonically but with roots firmly planted in traditional Boom Bap and Rock. The duo enlists the vocals of fellow Beantown legends Edo. G and Reks, Punk crooner/hypeman Chris Talkin and live instrumentation from Crown City Rockers alum.


01. Good Vibe I: The Overdose
02. Amy Winehouse
03. City Lights (feat. Maestro1ton and Edo.G)
04. Alone
05. Mezzanine
06. Rock Me I
07. Hurt
08. Godzilla
09. Foolish (feat. Reks)
10. Lyric Pope
11. Rock Me II
12. The Grateful Dead
13. Bang Bang
14. Good Vibe II: The Epilogue
15. Bullitt


FLAC – Wayshare

320 kbps – Wayshare

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