Madvillain – Madvillainy (CD) (2004) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 21.05.2015

Madvillain is a great hiphop duo, founded by MF Doom and Madlib. A great rapper VS. a great producer, on an amazing record. The entire album is a straight hiphop classic, and whether or not you would find it hipster, you should fucking listen to it. It’s worth it.


01 The Illest Villains
02 Accordian
03 Meat Grinder
04 Bistro
05 Raid
06 America’s Most Blunted
07 Sickfit (Instrumental)
08 Rainbows
09 Curls
10 Do Not Fire! (Instrumental)
11 Money Folder
12 Shadows of Tomorrow
13 Operation Lifesave aka Mint Test
14 Figaro
15 Hardcore Hustle
16 Strange Ways
17 Fancy Clown
18 Eye
19 Supervillain Theme (Instrumental)
20 All Caps
21 Great Day
22 Rhinestone Cowboy


FLAC – Wayshare

320 kbps – Wayshare

8 comments "Madvillain – Madvillainy (CD) (2004) (FLAC + 320 kbps)"

  • @rotolog read:


  • @iissad read:

    Oh noez, it’s down…

  • @ohhhshot read:

    Po-leeze re-up. Salute.

  • @Shart Pucker 2001 read:

    Easily the most overrated hip-hop album of all-time.

    Not trolling. I bought it from a local shop a couple days before the official release. Sold it to a used-CD spot three days later.

    The 43-year old white-hippie-burnout at the register put it on and skimmed thru the tracks. “Oh – nice – a zappa sample !”

    I got $3.00 for it . . .

    Only track I bumped was Rhinestone Cowboy.

    But FYI – This was a “whiteboy” album for college dorms and suburban Tyler type-nuccaz.

    Not once did I ever hear this being played in low-income environments.

    • @frampl read:

      Yeah, that fucking middle-aged white hippie at the register sounds like a sub-human hipster sheep who pretends to like things you don’t as a futile attempt to impress you. But we know better don’t we. We know that who’s listening is more important than what is being listened to. That’s why I think you should post these everywhere! After all, without having your anecdotal demographic breakdown on any given release, how will I know which release is purchased least among my peers? How will I show my individuality by purchasing the opposite record if you aren’t there as a megaphone to the indie mafia’s listening biases??

      • @Jezza7506 read:

        So glad to see someone who is on the right page

    • @revherbchamber read:

      LOL u so shit hahaha

  • @LOCO read:

    Por fin en 320 kbps un discazo saludos desde Chile

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