Lewis Parker – Mixtape Volume One (2007) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 18.01.2017

One of UK hip hops most acclaimed emcee/producers, Lewis Parker is also among only a handful of artists to make the complete migration into the American rap industry. I’ve always considered him to be a far stronger producer than vocalist – 2006 saw the Ghostface collaborations Fishscale and More Fish, where he sat comfortably alongside a stellar production lineup of MF DOOM, Madlib, Marc Ronson and Hi-Tek – supporting that theory.

But LP’s flows are pretty tight to and he has been around long enough to know his strengths, and on this, the first in a double volume of official mixtape releases we are treated to a few of his early classics, ‘Don’t Forget About Ya Boy’ and ‘International Heat’. Some remixes, a funked up version of Jay Z’s ‘Get Ya Hustle On’ as well as some brand new soon to be released tracks featuring Ghostface, Raekwon, Trez and T.RA.C..

Parker has that smoldering, blaxploitation Hip ‘soul-boy’ hop sound on lock-down /ukhh.com/

Guest shots, classics, unreleased and soon to be released from 1996-2006. 

1 –Lewis Parker Intro 0:30
2 –Lewis Parker Rise 3:44
3 –Lewis Parker Fake Charades 3:32
4 –Lewis Parker Mr Parker’s Siesta 3:32
5 –Lewis Parker New York Skit 0:33
6 –Lewis Parker Don’t Forget About Ya Boy 3:13
7 –Lewis Parker International Heat Featuring – ITruth 3:57
8 –Lewis Parker Gettin’ Funky (Funky Trouble Pt.1) Featuring – Trez 2:13
9 –Lewis Parker Funky Trouble Pt.2 Featuring – Tah Born 3:11
10 –Lewis Parker Get Ya Hustle On Featuring – Tah Born 3:45
11 –Lewis Parker Love Is Blue 0:47
12 –Jay-Z Dirt Off Your Shoulder (LP Remix) 1:10
13 –Ghostface Killah Shakey Dog 3:37
14 –Raekwon Smith Bros. (LP Remix) 3:22
15 –Lewis Parker Never Gonna Stop Featuring – Dynas 4:17
16 –Lewis Parker Static Featuring – Jacky Danz 3:31
17 –Lewis Parker Incognito (Dirty Card Remix) 2:48
18 –Lewis Parker Sky High Featuring – Dynas 3:55
19 –Lewis Parker End Of The Day Featuring – River Nelson, Vex Davortex 4:25
20 –Lewis Parker Anybody Featuring – Mr. Pressure 3:05
21 –Lewis Parker Soon 2 B Featuring – Mr. Pressure 2:31
22 –Lewis Parker Beautiful Life Featuring – River Nelson 4:15
23 –Lewis Parker What The Ancients Say (Remix) 4:25
24 –Lewis Parker Intensity Featuring – T.R.A.C. 2:45

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