Kareem Idris & Ohbliv – Odu & Daily Conversations (WEB) (2021) (320 kbps)

Posted: 23.11.2021

“Odu & Daily Conversations”, is a work of genre-bending approaches to Hip Hop and thought-provoking content– a merging of elements from the spiritual tradition of Ifa with soulful soundscapes. The collaboration between Kareem Idris and Ohbliv is seamless and complementary and seemingly highlights transitions in the developmental stages of Black Classic Music (Jazz, Rock, Funk, R&B, and Rap). At first glance of the cover art for the album, one could think to prepare themselves for an avant-garde selection of Cantos in Lukumi similar to the likes of Lazaro Ros. However, this visual leads to a body of work that synthesizes a secret traditional practice with an overt rebuttal. Moreso, even a revolutionary approach to countering what has been deemed normalcy in this now renaissance period of hip-hop culture. The listener will certainly appreciate this album’s artistry and many musical layers, but even more, it will create conversation.


01. Baba Ejiogbe (01:24)
02. Philistine Wreck (Ejiogbe Oyekun) (02:32)
03. Ire Oma (Ejiogbe Iwori) (03:38)
04. Portion Control (Ejiogbe Odi) (01:07)
05. Soul Encounters (Ejiogbe Irosun) (03:36)
06. Lows And Highs (Ejiogbe Ojuani) (02:46)
07. Vulcan Girl (Ejiogbe Obara) (04:35)
08. Asesu (Ejiogbe Okana) (00:35)
09. Here 4 (Ejiogbe Ogunda) (03:14)
10. Ohblivion To Oti (Ejiogbe Osa) (00:27)
11. Wandering Feather (Ejiogbe Ika) (03:09)
12. Deep Seasons (Ejiogbe Otrupon) (03:04)
13. Chief Not Bald Yet (Ejiogbe Otura) (03:08)
14. Ori-Warz (Ejiogbe Ofun) (03:49)


320 kbps – Wayshare

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