Jay Nice & Dough Networkz – Rise & Shine (WEB) (2023) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 21.05.2023

Rise & Shine is an album that took 3 years to complete. Delaware born Jay NiCE and LA based Dough Networkz brain child, was conceived during a convo about NiCE’s relationship with ASAP YAMS, affectionately called Eastside Stevie. “I used to be on OnSMASH forums with Yams roasting the shit outta niggas”, recalls NiCE chuckling, “I knew he was going places, I was in tune with everything he did. The internship with Jim Jones, his realniggatumblr blog, taste in music, we used to hit each other up on AIM and just start typing Big Pun lyrics to each other, he would always pop it off. “He was truly the Yoda of underground Hip Hop, shit Hip Hop in general”. NiCE was also in tune with another entity in the culture with ties to ASAP, Chace Infinite, of Self Scientific. Chace managed Rocky for years finding massive success. NiCE always recognized that talent, and yearned for that type of mentorship. During this conversation with Dough Networkz, who NiCE met thru mutual associates in the underground lane, NiCE mentioned to Dough that he seen Chace mention Mach-Hommy, Westside Gunn, and others during a Rap Radar interview and was excited that he was tuned into the lane that NiCE and other underground MCs occupied. It was manifesto come full circle. NiCE mentioned that he always wanted to work with Chace. Dough made one call, and the rest is history.


01. First Thoughts
02. Tim Duncan 99 feat. Flee Lord, Estee Nack
03. Wizard Of Oz
04. Woke Up feat. Big Cheeko, T.F.
05. Los Angeles
06. 8am In Leimert Park feat. Chace Infinite
07. Head Up feat. Kuji Young, Fahim The God, The Outlawz
08. U.S. Gas Store Run
09. Gods In Supreme feat. Rush
10. Geese Howard feat. Rush
11. Cool For Breakfast
12. Homeroom
13. Love Of My Life
14. Me & A Ghost Trapped
15. Cultural Huster


FLAC – Wayshare

320 kbps – Wayshare


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