J. Rawls & John Robinson Are: Jay ARE – The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again (CD) (2009) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 08.06.2014
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Two of the underground rap’s mainstays, J Rawls and John Robinson, have combined to form Jay ARE. Their album The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again is equal parts concept and homage to the jazz era that created the lane many hip hop rappers and producers travel along today. This, a road paved for music that simultaneously expresses the Black experience, identity, and intellectuality. The histories of J Rawls and John Robinson make them ideal candidates for such an album. Both emerged out of the late 90’s “backpack”/independent scene, and have released over 15 LPs and EPs. Neither artist has ever had mainstream success nor been championed outright by the underground music elitist. Yet, steadily over the last 10 years they have worked or created albums with the likes of DOOM, Black Star, Count Bass D, Declaime, Jneiro Jarel, Flying Lotus, and Carlos Niños (of Build An Ark). Their career struggles, work ethic, and collaborative processes mirror the output and life style of the many jazz musicians paid tribute to through out this very pleasing album.


01. A Lesson From Trane
02. It’s Jay Are
03. Know U (feat. Invizible Handz)
04. Type Sounds
05. She’s So Brilliant (feat. Rashad)
06. The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again…
07. Music Is Forever
08. Relax UR Mind (feat. Tiffany Page)
09. Shooting Smack (feat. K Banger)
10. 1 Of The Greatest
11. Jazz Unconditional
12. Love Me Good (feat. Dominique Larue)
13. The Lee Morgan Story
14. We Make The Rules (feat. Rashad & Tiffany Paige)


FLAC – Wayshare

320 kbps – Wayshare

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