Glad2mecha – The Passport (CD) (2017) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 15.05.2024

Emcee, producer, engineer and co-founder of Building Block Records – the incredible Glad2Mecha came streaming to the scene in 2006, releasing compilation after compilation in his home town of Glendale just outside Pheonix, Arizona, an avid hip-hop lifestyle lead Glad to become one of the most dedicated artist hailing from the state, with a catalog now 19 albums deep.

Thanks to the incredible Glad2Mecha we are now able to present you with a reissue of his “The Passport” album, a project featuring producers from many countries. The reissue version includes bonus remixes extending the theme. Also released on CD in co-production with Mr.Grim Productions, this is a must have for anyone who likes their hip-hop worldwide, international and global.


01. World Passport Intro
02. Ill Time Flavor (Feat. Realistic & Rhythmatic)
03. The Worlds On Repeat (Feat. Charade, Foreknown, Talent & Lakai)
04. Take My Mind Away (Feat. Dusty Glass)
05. Lost & Un-Named (Feat. Verb)
06. Lessons Ain’t Cheap (Feat. Dialog)
07. Back On The Bus Interlude
08. True Writers (Feat. The Hassle)
09. Circus Of Chaos
10. Paper Chase
11. No War
12. Peep My Rhyme Book (Remix) (Feat. Realistic)
13. Ill Time Flavor (Remix) (Feat. Realistic & Rhythmatic)


FLAC – Wayshare

320 kbps – Wayshare

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