Gilead7 & Subtrax – Peaces Of War (Vinyl) (2016) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 15.05.2024

This is the last project of its kind; the official grand finale of an era. While many projects of late, in an attempt to stay relevant, take on the boom bap sound while softening it in either rhymes, production, or both, G7 and Subz stay even more relevant by delivering a project that is extremely sharp on both ends. Gilead’s philosophy behind Peaces of War is this: everything in the universe is composed of a duality of disturbance (war) and serenity (peace), and one side never conquers the other. The album asserts to the listener that the realization of universal balance through peace and war ends the futile quest of trying to solve for either side.


A1. Acapelintro (Feat. Nat Key Cole)
A2. Bomb Literal
A3. Gilly And Arty Go Beastin’ (Feat. Arty Swell)
A4. Shoveling (Feat. Clockwize & I.B. Fokuz)
B1. Mask Wardrobe (Feat. The Word Man)
B2. VGO (Feat. Nat Key Cole)
B3. Concrescence (Feat. Oddeo)
B4. Piece Offering
B5. Bomb Literal (Remix) (Feat. Collasoul Structure)


FLAC – Wayshare

320 kbps – Wayshare

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