Funky DL – Blendisms (Vol.1) (WEB) (2023) (320 kbps)

Posted: 27.01.2023


01. I Got Jazz…
02. Jazzphonics (Blendisms Edit)
03. Everybody Listen Up
04. The Way That I Do (Blendisms Edit) (feat. Stee Moglie)
05. If I Never Made Another Album
06. No Illusion (Blendisms Edit)
07. I Don’t Know Bout’ You but…
08. That’s Love (Blendisms Edit)
09. Because You Fantastic
10. City Nights (Blendisms Edit)
11. 8 Million City Nights
12. I’ve Been Incognito Ever Since (feat. Dyanna Fearon & Xantone Blacq)
13. He Classic (Blendisms Edit)
14. When It Comes to Music…
15. The Turbulent Fanatic
16. Fanatic (Blendisms Edit)
17. Life’s a Ball (Blendisms Edit)
18. No Idea’s Unoriginal (Blendisms Edit)
19. The Reason (Blendisms Edit)
20. I Can Never Tell Where I’m Coming From
21. I Can Never Tell (Blendisms Edit) (feat. Stee Moglie)
22. Classic 25 (Blendisms Edit)
23. The Gift Wrapped Rhapsody
24. Like This (Blendisms Edit)
25. Watchin’ the World (Blendisms Edit)
26. Realize Responsibility (Blendisms Edit)
27. I Told You I Was Trouble (Blendisms Edit)
28. Cos Shes a… (Blendisms Edit)
29. Thank You All the Same (Blendisms Edit) (feat. Cicero)
30. Another Class No Doubt
31. Levitate (Blendisms Edit)


320 kbps – Wayshare

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