Epidemic – Monochrome Skies (WEB) (2012) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 13.03.2014

Monochrome Skies is an atmospheric and melodic listening experience from beginning to end. Produced in it’s entirety by Luxembourg beat-maker Jesse James, the album dives much deeper into the minds of its creators than its hardcore predecessor. It begins as an animated exposition, but slowly takes you on a journey through the tempest which represents many of society’s woes, the struggles of everyday life, and the power of complex, cryptic lyrics. With themes including the mysteries of death, government conspiracies, the love of music (which can verge on addiction) and the many pitfalls of the music industry, this project shows a whole new facet of Epidemic’s artistic capabilities. Staying true to their roots however, and with the MC’s maintaining their multi-syllabic styles, there are still some songs highly reminiscent of the signature sound heard prominently throughout their debut album “Illin Spree.” Features include LMS, Efeks (of Prose), Estee Nack & Purpose (of Tragic Allies), and guest production by One-Take. Scratches were provided by DJ Tha Boss.


01. Intro
02. We Back Now
03. Dope Fiendz (feat. Efeks)
04. Here We Go Again
05. Past the Margin (feat. Estee Nack & Purpose)
06. What Do You Hear (Interlude)
07. Rainy Dayz (feat. Lms)
08. Brainstorm
09. Birds of Prey
10. Still Dreamin
11. Da Basicks
12. Stay Golden
13. Chemtrails (Interlude)
14. The Canvas
15. Why Not
16. Destined to Be
17. Bogeys
18. Psychos
19. Infinity


FLAC – Wayshare

320 kbps – Wayshare

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