Dredknotz – Causin A Menace EP (CD) (1994) (192 kbps)

Posted: 26.12.2012


01. Causin A Menace
02. Causin A Menace (Lord Digga Remix)
03. Concentration
04. Tha Anthem
05. Tha Anthem (Remix)
06. Respect


192 kbps – Wayshare

2 comments "Dredknotz – Causin A Menace EP (CD) (1994) (192 kbps)"

  • @JHS J-ssun read:

    After downloading this EP (been lookin for a Dredknotz release since I realized PMPN & Daddy Rich’s ’93 CD was far superior to MC Serch’s solo shit, like ten years ago), I discovered ALL songs featured on this rip are censored. This ruined version aint standard issue, discogs and other sites list several prints with their integrity intact so I guess the censored EP was the only one available or u didnt check it out before ripping & putting the link up. I’ve managed to find most of the uncensored versions by wading thru the ad-littered populace goo of Internet, scavenging sketchy polish & italian bot-sites, most of the versions i acquired was autoripped from jewtube & streaming services like that so sound quality is shit but I prefer that over violated tracks with edit-bumps ruining the momentum of the songs. Its impossible to fix “Clean” versions in sound editing software (most other kind of fixes are easy but a dismembered verse where entire words’re edited out aint reparable)

    This is my first complaint ever, I love this site. Ima collector, experimental sample-DJ and a conscious-/horrorcore/avant garde hiphop aficionado and 1994hiphop have brought me more joy than whats proly considered healthy. Just wanted to bring the fact that every single track on this EP rip is censored to your attention. Keep up the good work.

  • @JHS J-ssun read:

    A heads up: This rip (Causin a Menace EP) contains ALL censored tracks.

    I’ve been lookin for a Dredknotz release since I realized a decade or so ago that Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Nice’s ’93 LP was far superior to MC Serch’s more famous solo effort, so I took this mf down immidiately when I stumbled on it, and it aint bad but dozens of road bumps (curse words, mild swears, edited out) per verse ruins the momentum and cripples the EP as a whole.

    I know the “small government/support our troops/pro-life”-style-censorship of this EP (as of most media broadcasted in the land of the free) is not standard issue even if their very existence is tragic, both discogs and other sites list several non-violated releases of the EP in question, so I guess this was the only version available for rip or maybe the uploader and link-provider was in a hurry when making it available, but I wanted to give a heads up. I’ve replaced the ruined songs with authentic versions by wallowing thru the ad-infested goo of non-specialized file-hoarding sites, but theyre proly jewtube bot-rips, audio matrix is shit and kbps as well, so IF a uncensored version of this EP’d show up, I’d be psyched.

    This is my first and proly last complaint, love this site. As a EC/conscious-/horrorcore/boom bap aficionado, sample collector and experimental/ambient DJ & musician, 1994hiphop is probably closer to my heart than whats considered healthy. Keep up the great work.

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