defprez – Sunday Sessions (CD) (2021) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 02.07.2023

Group members: CRASHprez, Defcee and knowsthetime.

defprez is an exercise in immediacy, in trusting the process to locate one’s truth. Each session is done in one run, foregoing polish or perfectionism in favor of distilling the artists in a moment. Defcee, the grizzled educator with incisive wit and battle-primed dexterity, aims every detail like a gut punch. Whether the guide through your traumas or the villain to your artistic efforts, he intends to be felt no matter what. CRASHprez, the vigilant citizen with many feelings and more mediums, reaches a rare form of unhinged. He leans further into himself to find the light, and takes the time to bask in his bliss. knowsthetime, the reclusive genius unbound by genre, chops the soul without mercy. In mere hours, he achieves a timely sound through timeless means. Sundays Sessions is a spontaneous romp through memory and melancholy, spawned from the labor of an accidental rap group. Preservation of the form, progression of the craft; raps and beats and nothing more.


01. Push2start
02. Pigtails
03. The Prelude
04. Still
05. Believe Me
06. Cervicalgia
07. Full Price
08. Peace
09. *hitmayng’s Suite
10. Plain English
11. Sunday Dinner
12. Deaded
13. Tundra


FLAC – Wayshare

320 kbps – Wayshare

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