D.J. Magic Mike – Don’t Talk Just Listen (CD) (1996) (320 kbps)

Posted: 26.04.2020


01 Start Listening (Intro)
02 The Beginning ft. Epod Swen & Daddy Rae
03 Back Up ft. Daddy Rae
04 Meet Mrs. Ed. (Interlude)
05 Get Our Groove On
06 Who Runz This Mutha ft. D.J. Trans, Epod Swen, G-Wiz & J-Man
07 Ha-Ha-Ha ft. Epod Swen & Daddy Rae
08 Just Another Brother ft. Daddy Rae
09 Crap Game (Interlude)
10 Stick Me For My Cream ft. Daddy Rae
11 Don’t Talk, Just Listen (Instrumental)
12 Mix On The Machine (Interlude)
13 Bounce ft. Sir Mix-A-Lot
14 Magic Mike Cutz The Record Again
15 Breathing Bass II
16 This Is A Test (Interlude)
17 This Is For The Bassheadz II (Instrumental)
18 Headed To The Hotel ft. Epod Swen
19 At The Hotel (Interlude)
20 Yo II
21 Time To Ride Out (Instrumental)
22 Come Back Home ft. Daddy Rae
23 Time For Closure (Outro)


320 kbps – Wayshare

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