Chillin Villain Empire – Critical Bass Theory Vol. 1 (Vinyl) (2023) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 12.02.2024

If you need some fresh bangers by OGs of indie hip hop, then bump this CV shit right here.

Since forming in 1986, CVE has released a dozen group albums. This new album places them among an elite echelon of longstanding & prolific hip hop crews – up there with Public Enemy, Onyx, Cypress Hill, and The Roots.

Critical Bass Theory sounds like a magnum opus, the culmination of 35 years of personal and artistic evolution. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait 12 more years for the next one.


A1. All I Know (Feat. Nuvethad)
A2. World Renowned (Feat. NgaFsh & Riddlore?)
A3. Grim Reepah 4-Life (Feat. Nuvethad, NgaFsh & Mister CR)
A4. Vital Episode (Feat. NgaFsh, Riddlore?, Nuvethad & Wreccless)
B1. Crush Em All (Feat. NgaFsh, Riddlore? & Wreccless)
B2. Alarm Clock (Feat. Riddlore?)
B3. CBT Shit
B4. ABC (Feat. NgaFsh, Riddlore?, Wreccless, Lord Jabri & Jay Be Nice)
B5. Critical Bass Theory (Feat. NgaFsh & Aceyalone)
C1. Wanna Know (Feat. Chalique, NgaFsh, Self Jupiter, Ellay Khule & Riddlore?)
C2. Leimert Park (Feat. Riddlore?, NgaFsh, Wreccless & All City Jimmy)
C3. Full Clip (Feat. NgaFsh, Ellay Khule Of Hip Hop Klan & Riddlore?)
C4. Posted Up (Feat. NgaFsh & Wreccless)
D1. Streets (Feat. Wreccless)
D2. Vintage Evil (Feat. Nuvethad, NgaFsh & Riddlore?)
D3. AITA (Feat. NgaFsh, Riddlore? & NoWords)
D4. Dis Info (Feat. NgaFsh & Riddlore?)


FLAC – Wayshare

320 kbps – Wayshare

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