Blackalicious – Nia (3xLP Version) (1999) (192 kbps)

Posted: 01.01.2013
This is the “special” 3xLP version of Blackalicious’ “Nia” album…
Includes the original tracks and the “A2G” EP’s instrumentals. 
01 Searching ft. Erinn Anova
02 The Fabulous Ones
03 Do This My Way ft. Lyrics Born
04 Deception
05 Put It On The Plate
06 A To G
07 Cliff Hanger
08 Nation Time
09 Shallow Days
10 Ego Trip By Nikki Giovanni (Performed By Nikki Giovanni)
11 You Didn’t Know That Though
12 If I May ft. Erinn Anova & Lateef
13 Dream Seasons
14 We Build
15 Trouble (Eve Of Destruction)
16 Smithzonian Institute Of Rhyme ft. Lateef
17 Beyonder
18 Our Interlude
19 Making Progress
20 As The World Turns ft. Erinn Anova
21 Sleep
22 Finding ft. Erinn Anova
23 A To G (Instrumental)
24 Clockwork (Instrumental)
25 Rock The Spot (Instrumental)
26 Back To The Essence (Instrumental)
27 Deception (Instrumental)
28 Making Progress (Instrumental)
29 Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2 ½ Minute Workout) (Instrumental)



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