Wiseguys – Process Of Elimination: The Unreleased EP (Vinyl) (2017) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 05.12.2018

Bomb out of Boston, that was set to drop on Def Jam/Surrender in 1996. These 6, previously unreleased tracks, featured on the promotional tape version of the 1996 “In The Company Of Killaz” album.
Wiseguys were a group made up of members of legendary Boston Gangsta Rap crew The Almighty RSO, Made Men and TDS Mob . The group’s formation is perfectly in line with the purest form of Hip Hop – that is, music that brought gang members together, off the street, to squash beefs and create something positive to inspire others to do the same.
One of their first breakthroughs was winning the ICA B-Town Rap Battle in 1986. Following that, in 1989 they went to NY to work with Paul C and recorded a whole album that was never released [!]. They were signed to Tommy Boy in 1992 but were dropped due to the controversial single “One in the Chamba” which prompted The Boston Police Patrolman’s Association (BPPA) pressing charges against the group under a state law that prohibits inciting assaults against public figures.
They were again picked up by another label, Flavor Unit and following Flava Unit’s demise they were picked up by RCA. RSO & Made Men morphed into Wiseguys and released their debut album “In The Company Of Killaz” in 1996 on The Source’s co-founder David Mays’ label Surrender Recs in conjunction with Def Jam. The tracks we have for you here are perhaps the nicest from that set of material, and never featured on the original, released version of the album. All tracks were transfered from the original studio master DATS by producer Twice Thou. Chopped Herring would like to thank E-Vicious aka Twice Thou for making this project happen along with Boston Hip Hop afficiando Gage-One who made the connect and Simon Pehlgrim for all his help.
Wiseguys cast included Ray Dog (aka Benzino of RSO/Made Men), E-Devious (aka Twice Thou of RSO/Made Men), Cool Gzus (aka Mr. Gzus of TDS Mob/Made Men), Tangg the Juice, Masta Criminal Mann Terror, Mike McNeil (aka M3/Mass Murderin’ Mike), Tony Rhome (of RSO), Big Roscoe and (Masta Criminal) Main T. Blazertown, Im, J-Hops, Moty, J-Stone, Hardcore, Belnel Mike, Stets, One Man Gang, Mag Steel, DB-11, Hostile & G-Pack.


A1. We’re Livin’
A2. In Tha Company Of Killaz (Remix)
A3. Face To Face
B1. Master Criminal
B2. Process Of Elimination
B3. Relentless-Orchard Park & Academy Homes


FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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