West Street Mob ‎- Back To The Old School: Break Dance – Electric Boogie (CD) (1999) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 15.10.2016


West Street Mob, formed in New York, USA, in the late 70s, were one of the less celebrated of Sugarhill Records’ acts, despite the fact that Sugarhill owners Joe and Sylvia Robinson’s son, Joey Jnr., was once a member. Their most significant release was 1983’s electro classic ‘Break Dancin’ – Electric Boogie’, a version of the Incredible Bongo Band’s interpretation of the Shadows’ ‘Apache’. This ‘break’ had long been a staple of the scratch mix DJs within the hip-hop community, and its familiarity was an important factor in its local popularity. Their only two Billboard Top 100 hits were ‘Let’s Dance (Make Your Body Move)’ and ‘Sing A Simple Song’, in September 1981 and April 1982 respectively.

1 Break Dance – Electric Boogie 5:09
2 I Can’t Stop 5:05
3 Mosquito (AKA Hobo Scratch) 5:33
4 Let’s Dance (Make Your Body Move) 6:50
5 Got To Give It Up 4:08
6 Sing A Simple Song 5:32
7 Ooh Baby (Short Version) 4:43
8 Rock The Party 6:21
9 Simon Says Dance 6:33
10 Boogie Freak 5:57
11 Let Your Mind Be Free 6:02
12 Get Up And Dance 6:08
13 Monster Jam (Instrumental) 8:52

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