Various – Hip-Hop Connection Presents Recognition – 20 Years Of Fire-Starting UK Anthems (2008) (2CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 23.01.2017

‘Hip-Hop Connection Presents Recognition 20 Years Of Fire-Starting UK Rap Anthems’ is 20 tracks of…well; the title is pretty self explanatory. In roughly chronological order, HHC curates the annals of the art form done Blighty’s way and succeeds in drawing together some of the most influential specimens.

As I hinted before, anyone interested in the UK Rap scene will have heard the majority of what’s on offer here, meaning this serves perfectly as an introduction or education to the un-schooled. It also provides perfectly for that car journey when you forgot to burn off your favourite UK tracks onto a compilation CD.

There are one or two surprises; Blak Twang’s ‘08 album cut, ‘How Long’ fills the gap between ‘91’s ‘Son of Noise’ and ‘01’s ‘The Unknown’ by Mark B & Blade – a gap that Twang’s ‘Red Letters’ would have filled perfectly. Or with a little re-sequencing ‘So Rotton’ would have been more than fitting. The last tracks, although good, are probably not the best representatives of the evident creativity of UK Hip Hop’s last couple of years. /certified banger/

1-1     –Asher D & Daddy Freddy – Ragamuffin Hip-Hop
1-2     –London Posse – Money Mad
1-3     –Demon Boyz – Recognition
1-4     –MC Duke – I’m Riffin’
1-5     –Hardnoise – Untitled
1-6     –Huntkillbury Finn, Shaka-Shazzam & Icepick – Burial Proceedings In The Course Of The Night
1-7     –Son Of Noise – Son Of Noise
1-8     –Blak Twang – How Long
1-9     –Mark B & Blade – The Unknown
1-10     –Rodney P – Murderer Style

2-1     –Roots Manuva – Witness (I Hope)
2-2     –Jehst – Adventures In New Bohemia
2-3     –Klashnekoff – Murda
2-4     –Skinnyman – I’ll Be Surprised
2-5     –Baby J – FTP    Featuring – Yogi
2-6     –Million Dan – Dogz In Sledgez
2-7     –Braintax – Syriana Style
2-8     –Stig Of The Dump & Dr. Syntax – A Dose Of Godzilla Slang
2-9     –Late – I’m A Saint I’m A Sinner   Featuring – K-Rino, KB Da Kidnappa
2-10     –Charlie Sloth – Can’t Forget About UK

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