The Brotherhood – XXIII (1993) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 10.01.2017

The Brotherhood were a pioneering UK hip-hop group with a solid following across the UK from the early 1990s. Releases with seminal UK Hip Hop label Bite It! Recordings were followed by a later move to Virgin. The 1996 album Elementalz has been described as one of the best UK hip hop albums ever made and “a staggering achievement in British music”. The band finally split in 1998 and have since been credited as one of the most influential bands on the 90s UK hip-hop scene.

01 The Mr Men

02 Imightsmokeaspliffbutiwontsniff (Barkin Mad Mix)
03 Return To Del Rio (Freeze Frame Edit)
04 Imightsmokeaspliffbutiwontsniff (Indica Instrumental)
05 Y Girl
06 Lost Transmissions
07 Sands Of Time
08 The Lunatic Shade
09 Beats R Ruff N Rugged
10 At The Postmans Heels
11 Beats R Ruff N Rugged (Instrumental)
12 Live At The Doghouse (To The World And His Wife)
13 Wayz Of The Wize
14 Wayz Of The Wize (Instrumental)
15 Put Up Or Shut Up
16 Put Up Or Shut Up (Instrumental)
17 Hit The Funk
18 Hit The Funk (Instrumental)
19 Ode To Del Rio

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