The Block Parents – Pick Your Poison (CD) (2013) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 26.02.2019

The Block Parents are a Western Canadian Hip hop Group consisting of two Emcees and a Dj. Bringing that classic 90s flavour with a new school twist.

The Block Parents is more a brotherhood then a group, dedicated to keeping things true to the underground. Emcees Infoe and WIlliam Cold had been doing songs and projects with various groups since 2006. After several groups and trials and tribulations the group Block Parents was founded on 12th ave and 1st Sw calgary. This was essentially the “Block” where rappers could get Son’d it was also a play on a old community program the “Block Parents” who helped kids. Not long after the formation of the group Dj Jimmi Riggz joined in after we all agreed through thier hatred of wack music. After doing numerous shows with notable groups and artists such as: Tech 9, Apathy & Celph titled, Vinnie Paz , Ill Bill, and so forth, The Block Parents decided it was time to finally cement a Debut album and Released “Pick your poison” In 2013.


01. Intro (00:58)
02. Pick Your Poison (02:43)
03. The Main Event ft. Snak The Ripper (03:37)
04. Problematik (02:41)
05. Lie Awake ft. Lord Lhus (03:28)
06. 1 Way Fight (06:05)
07. Tequila (02:45)
08. This is 4 ft. Definite (03:47)
09. Dust ft. The Vinz (03:43)
10. God Can’t Save You ft. Halfcut (03:49)
11. Acidic Practitioners ft. Aspect, White Lotus (04:22)
12. Growing ft. Ominous (03:05)
13. Full Moon (03:47)
14. Wander By ft.Dani Lion (04:07)
15. I Heard That (05:26)
16. Hurts Like Hell (02:38)
17. A Long Road (04:50)
18. We Do (03:33)


FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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