Solomon11 – W.I.S.E. (WEB) (2021) (320 kbps)

Posted: 18.11.2021

Graffiti writer turn Rapper SOLOMON11 also known as Solomon Wise was born in Camden County, New Jersey and moved to Miami at a very young age where he discovered his passion for Hip Hop. Solomon dropped his first official album in 2005 under the alias Solomon Wise before taking a break. During this time Solomon worked in the music/radio industry as an Executive before his return in 2020 where he dropped 2 albums of unreleased material. In 2021 Solomon dropped his brand new album “W.I.S.E. (Who Is Solomon Eleven)” with all brand new material under his new artist name SOLOMON11.


01. Who Is Solomon Eleven (W.I.S.E.) (feat. Zenyth) (02:24)
02. Dying Breed (feat. Canibus) (03:26)
03. Life Is (feat. Curtisay) (03:00)
04. One Like Her (feat. Solomon Wise) (03:22)
05. Empty Chair (03:32)
06. Above the Earth (03:44)
07. Far Away (feat. Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Sadat X) (03:39)
08. Scarface Era (03:03)
09. Blood in the Water (feat. Killah Priest) (02:48)
10. Broken Pieces (03:09)
11. Rise Up (feat. Judah Priest, Solomon Wise, Timbo King, Young Dirty Bastard & Solomon Childs) (04:43)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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