Small Bills (Elucid & The Lasso) – Don’t Play It Straight (WEB) (2020) (320 kbps)

Posted: 08.11.2020

“Don’t Play It Straight” is the debut LP from Small Bills, a collaboration between NY rapper E L U C I D and Michigan producer/multi-instrumentalist The Lasso. Created over the course of a year between Detroit and NY, the duo creates a singular fusion of art rap and punk funk.


01. Safehouse (feat. Fielded)
02. Sometimes Care Looks Like Leave Me the Fuck Alone (feat. Billy Woods)
03. We Don’t Really Need Altars (feat. Kayana)
04. Moses Was a Magician
05. Here Be Dragons (feat. Kayana)
06. E.T. Diamond (feat. Koncept Jackson)
07. The Masters Clock is X (feat. Kayana)
08. Hush Harbor (feat. Nosaj)
09. Sunchoke (feat. Fielded)
10. Holes in the Air Caused by Light
11. Banneker’s Almanac
12. Sly (feat. Kayana)
13. Falling Up (feat. Moor Mother)
14. Even Without You (feat. Kayana)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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