Pastor Troy – Welcome To The Rap Game (2014) (iTunes)

Posted: 07.10.2014



01. Welcome to the Rap Game
02. I’m That Nigga
03. Crank It Up
04. Do You Got a Man? (feat. MJG)
05. I Know
06. Mashin’ (feat. Lil Flip)
07. If You Scared (feat. Mr. Mudd)
08. Hustlin’ 9 to 5 (feat. Snoop Dogg & Daz Dillinger)
09. For Real Money (feat. Princess)
10. Thirsty (feat. La Chat & Ying Yang Twins)
11. You Ain’t Gotta Go
12. We Ready
13. Bout Loud Music
14. Pastor Crazy (feat. Playa Fly)
15. Don’t Fuck with Me (feat. Piazo)
16. Move to Mars (feat. 8Ball)
17. Reality Star (feat. K.B.)
18. I Heard Somebody Say (Bonus Track)


iTunes – Florenfile

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