Laroo The Hard Hitta & Doon Coon – Purple (WEB) (2005) (320 kbps)

Posted: 19.07.2020


1 Intro
2 Thizz Face (Feat. Turf Talk)
3 Shine & Ball (Feat. 50 States Stress)
4 Peecoat (Feat. Stress)
5 Dirty Mackin’ (Feat. Dirty Mackin Boys, Goldie)
6 Skirt On (Feat. Rick Rock, Stress)
7 My Cutlass (Feat. PSD)
8 Purple
9 Don’t Go (Feat. Lil Cudi, Lil Ernstiin, Streets)
10 Get Out Da Way (Feat. Battle Loc, Goldie)
11 Yay Baby
12 Go Music II (Feat. Clyde Carson, Goldie)
13 Lies (Feat. Lil Mama, PSD)
14 Life As A G (Feat. Eldorado Red, Hooda John)
15 Trapped In Da Rap Game (Feat. Messy Marv, The Jacka)
16 Outro


320 kbps – Florenfile

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