Gangsta Pat – The Story Of My Life (WEB) (1997) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 05.02.2019

Gangsta Pat - The Story Of My Life

After a few shoddy efforts that were notable mostly because they came out of the South at a time when rap was primarily a West and East Coast phenomenon, Gangsta Pat released The Story of My Life, the inaugural release on the Redrum label. It’s fairly ambitious relative to his preceding albums, often drifting into contemporary R&B with a gangsta rap edge — best exemplified on “G’s Ain’t Suppose to Cry” and “Sittin on tha Porch” — while still keeping its focus on a hardcore gangsta sound.


01 No Sympathy ft. Chozen
02 Sittin’ On Tha Porch
03 Droppin’ Bombs
04 Mind On My Money
05 Mad World
06 The Story Of My Life
07 I Wanna Smoke (Part III)
08 Bloody Murder
09 Back & Forth
10 Keep It Real
11 Untouchable
12 G’s Ain’t Suppose To Cry
13 Death B-4 Dishonesty
14 God Is Real
15 Real Niggas Toat Glocks


FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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