Estee Nack & Recognize Ali – Post Tenebras Lux (WEB) (2018) (320 kbps)

Posted: 07.01.2019


01. Intro (prod. by Mr. Rose)
02. Diamond Sale (prod. by EL Maryacho)
03. A Gods Prayer (prod. by Vago)
04. Dinner And A Desert Eagle (prod. by Mr. Rose)
05. In Thy Light We See Light (feat. Al.Divino) (prod. by K. Sluggah)
06. Songs From Out The Slum (prod. by EL Maryacho)
07. Strike The Shepard (prod. by Frank Grimes)
08. Cultivation (prod. by Vago)
09. Within The Line Of Fire (prod. by NCL-TM)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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