DJ Magic Mike – This Is How It Should Be Done (1993) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 24.02.2016

Alex Henderson@allmusic: ”In the late 1980s and early to mid-1990s, DJ Magic Mike enjoyed what you could call “quiet success” — he had his share of million sellers and was hardly obscure, but he didn’t receive nearly as much hype and publicity as Luther Campbell. Although This Is How It Should Be Done wasn’t hyped to death by the media, it was a major hit among bass lovers. The most important element of this CD isn’t the rapping — in fact, many of the tunes don’t contain any rapping at all — it’s Mike’s talents as a producer/mixmaster. “Magic’s Cuttin’ Up!,” “Keep It Goin’ Now,” “Magic’s Funky Jeep Beats,” and other exhilarating tunes on this album are essentially vehicles for his cutting, mixing, and producing. On This Is How It Should Be Done, the most valuable tools in Mike’s arsenal aren’t his rappers — samples, soundbites, beats and turntables are the things that do the most to make this album come alive.”

1 It’s Star Time 0:56
2 Last Person To F–k With 3:00
3 Magic’s Funky Jeep Beats 4:39
4 Keep It Goin’ Now 4:37
5 Fury Who? 2:39
6 Magic & Bartell 0:47
7 Feel The Beat 5:09
8 Rhyme After Rhyme [Featuring] – Smooth J. Smoothe 5:37
9 Past And Present Times Of A Black Man 3:31
10 Magic’s Cuttin’ Up! 3:41
11 To The Fans II 5:32
12 Do You Like Bass II 6:37
13 20 Degrees Of Bass 3:47
14 Get Wicked 1:41
15 Bass Check I 1:30
16 Magic’s Machine #3 0:45
17 Prelude To The Years 1:32
18 Through The Years 4:06
19 This Is How It Should Be Done 4:38
20 2 For The Bass 3:03
21 Royal Brothers In The House [Featuring] – Daddy Re`*, Epod Swen, Infinite J., Smooth J. Smoothe 6:03

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