Def Dee – D-1000 (WEB) (2015) (320 kbps)

Posted: 13.09.2015

Def Dee - D-1000

One year since releasing his Redefinition Records debut (Deja Vu), Seattle’s young beatsmith is back with his latest effort entitled D-1000, his first full instrumental album in over 4 years. Much of his work has come via collaborations with artists such as Roc Marciano, One Be Lo, Blu, Oddisee, yU, Damu the Fudgemunk, The Artifacts and Black Milk.

On this particular project, Def Dee is (mostly) letting the music do the talking. With praises from Oh No and cosigns from El Da Sensei, peers and listeners alike agree that Def Dee is one of the most talented and refreshing beat makers to emerge in the last five years. Is he a man or a machine? Maybe both. Dee produces, mixes, performs all scratching and even MCs on occasion. On D-1000, he assembled a potent collection of instrumental pieces that let the unique identity of his sound expand without vocal obstructions.

If you appreciate the vibes coming from Los Angeles, Detroit, the DMV and Germany, this album hosts the flag for Seattle, Washington. Fusing samples, live instrumentation, boom bap to off-beat and un-quantized sequencing, experimental, atonal and melodic textures, D-1000 defines growth that many artists strive for.

Conceptually, fans of the the Terminator franchise will notice homage through title and cover art. According to Def Dee, “Terminator 1 and 2 are some of my favorite movies, Terminator 2 specifically. I know… It’s a weird concept, but in this album you will hear references to both Terminators. When coming up with the album title I felt that this album had a very “metal” sound to it. Not in the sense of rock, but moreso just metal-ish. Combine the metal tones with the smooth swing of the beats it felt more like liquid metal. The title D-1000 is based on the T-1000 which was a machine made of mimetic poly alloy (liquid metal) sent back in time to kill the leader of the human resistance. The D-1000 is a man turned machine to create beats to potentially kill the machines (software ran music industry) to save the human resistance (vinyl sampling, drum machine hardware) straight off the MPC 2000xl. D-1000 has the ability to have swing, therefore being liquid metal. It was exciting to me and I hope you can hear that through the beats. This is an idea I’d like to build on and it could potentially be the first tape in an installment.”

This album offers the complete listening experience as an instrumental project, but includes bonus tracks featuring Dee’s hometown counterparts and an appearance from Los Angeles’ Blu on an exclusive remix of “Illest in Charge.”


01. D-1000
02. Movin It On
03. The Merc
04. Lets Do It
05. Remains
06. The Galleria
07. Mimetic Poly-Alloy
08. Keep Keep It On
09. Sunrise Reese
10. Sarah’s Jam ’84
11. Reconvene
12. Tell Yo Frenz
13. Ugly
14. Tech-Com
15. SFV (DeeTheezy)
16. Dee’Angelo
17. Feel feat. David Luke
18. Game Started feat. Fish
19. Illest In Charge feat. Blu (Def Dee’s Redef Remix)


320 kbps –  |  Florenfile

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