Chopper Read – Interview With A Madman (2006) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 16.03.2016

Interview with a Madman is a hip hop album by Australian criminal Mark “Chopper” Read, released on Rott’n Records on March 13, 2006. Read’s foray into music features gritty tales of organised crime, jail time and ear mutilation, and he is supported by beats and guest appearances from Hyjak N Torcha, Justice, Lazy Grey, Lotek, Matty B, Necro, Phrase and various other hip hop artists. Music videos were made for the tracks “Night With Chopper” and “Remember Me”.

1 Intro
2 Played More Gangsters
3 See Them At The Pub (Skit)
4 Nothin To Us Featuring Ken Oath, Matty B
5 The Way They Pop Off
6 Law Of The Streets Featuring Raph A.L
7 Criminal Resume (Skit)
8 The Heist Featuring Anecdote, Justice
9 Message To My Critics (Skit)
10 Night With Chopper Featuring Hyjak N Torcha
11 Razors In The Soap (Skit)
12 Real Life Featuring Phrase
13 Dedicated To Me Enemies (Skit)
14 Do It Featuring – Necro
15 Remember Me Featuring – Terra Firma
16 Cutting Off Me Ears (Skit)
17 Bitch Better
18 Overstand
19 Shot In The Back (Skit)
20 Burn You Out
21 Hello Buddy (Skit)
22 Big Mark Featuring – Sonny Jim
23 Hooky The Cripple (Skit)
24 How Far
25 Joke From Chopper Read (Skit)
26 Torment
27 Outro

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