Baby DC – School Dayz (CD) (1999) (320 kbps)

Posted: 05.02.2020

Born January 7, 1986 in Oakland, California. He’s a former American rapper, who first started rapping at five years old, made his first official appearance on Too Short’s 1995 album, Cocktails on the track “Thangs Change” with fellow kid rappers, Illegal. That same year he recorded his first solo track “Can I Get Loose”, which appeared on The Dangerous Crew’s Don’t Try This at Home. In 1998, the now 12-year old rapper became the first to sign to Too Short’s short-lived record label, $hort Records.


01. Kid Capri (Intro) (00:14)
02. Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll (ft. Imajin) (04:47)
03. Do That Dance (Say Uhh Ohh) (02:37)
04. Rich Kids 4 Life (ft. Lil’ Rakim) (02:58)
05. Message From Snoop Dogg (00:24)
06. Candy Girl (ft. Imajin) (03:40)
07. I’m Feelin’ You (03:34)
08. That Ain’t Much (It’s A School Boy Crush) (04:00)
09. Message From Ice Cube (00:17)
10. Get Your Hustle On (ft. Too $hort) (04:33)
11. Gimme Mine (ft. E-40) (04:33)
12. Video Game Playa (03:39)
13. Poppa Was A Soldier (R.I.P.) (ft. Ant Banks) (03:39)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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