Alpha Faktion – Creative Control (WEB) (2017) (320 kbps)

Posted: 11.02.2020

Creative Control is a hard-hitting musical statement from the upstate New York rap crew, Alpha Faktion, who passionately eschew the compromise that often comes with trying to reach a bigger audience in the music world. Instead, they focused on staying true to themselves and the culture they love so deeply-and the end result is 14 tracks of all-killer, no-filler Boom bap from the trio of rapper/producer Azwun, rapper Kraze ILLA, and DJ Enyoutee.

The three artists began working on the album nearly four years ago around the release of their 2013 released EP, Truth, Lies & Audiotape. It was then that they realized they didn’t want to cut corners or be forced to fit into a box. “We wanted to make the type of LP that we grew up listening to,” the group says. They add that they knew it would take personal and financial sacrifices, which often led to late-night recording sessions and pulling all-nighters after rocking shows in NYC.


01. Stand Up
02. Price Tags
03. Last Hours
04. Another Day Pt. 2
05. The Real Truth feat. Planet Asia, Skanks, Zagnif Nori & Dready Kruger
06. Move Back
07. The Formation (Interlude)
08. Let ‘Em Watch
09. System Shutdown
10. The Shining feat. Milano Constante
11. Divide the Fortress feat. Mic Handz
12. Creative Control (Interlude)
13. Creative Control
14. The Lineage


320 kbps – Florenfile

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