VA – Hydra Beats Megapost (Vinyls) (1997) (VBR)

Vol. 1 – The Unsociables [256 kbps]

A1. Recognize
A2. Forever
A3. 1 Time Lullabye
A4. Interlude
A5. My Ballz
A6. Rip Lil’ Spunk
B1. On My Way
B2. Shotguns Locked
B3. Interlude
B4. Queens Side
B5. Larry’s Basement
B6. Live Illegal


Vol. 2 – E-Boogie [192 kbps]

A1. Rock On
A2. And Da Fat Lady Sings
A3. Girl Sings
A4. A Tale From Da Hood
A5. Da Muthafuckin Man
A6. Funny Pussy
B1. And You Don’t Stop
B2. Come On
B3. Funky Piano
B4. Together Again
B5. Sad Song
B6. Drama Lord


Vol. 3 – Godfather Don [256 kbps]

A1. Buster
A2. Depressed
A3. Creepin
A4. Gastric Juices
A5. To The Bank
A6. She’s Gone
B1. Talk About
B2. Research
B3. Dark Church
B4. Combustible
B5. Culo Grande En La Calle Ocho
B6. For My Pa


Vol. 4 – A Kid Called Roots [192 kbps]

A1. Errie
A2. Ghetto Love
A3. West Bass
A4. Brooklyn
A5. Snaps
B1. Drop Top Ride
B2. Thug Tones
B3. Whaaat
B4. Cycles
B5. Choosen


Vol. 5 – The Beatnuts [192 kkbps]

A1. Relax Yourself
A2. Throw Your Hands Up
A3. Purse Snacther
A4. The Chase
A5. Out Of State Case
A6. I Can’t Relate
B1. Bum Rush
B2. Highlyl Recongized
B3. Homo Victim
B4. Gonna Fly
B5. Jungle Gook
B6. Crab Niggas


Vol. 6 – Ghetto Professionals & DJ Fusion [192 kbps]

A1. Ghetto Professionals – Yeah
A2. Ghetto Professionals – Strictly Ammo
A3. Ghetto Professionals – Hangman
A4. Ghetto Professionals – Gator
A5. Ghetto Professionals – The Hutchinson Joint
B1. DJ Fusion – Stolen Moments
B2. DJ Fusion – Sunday Diggin
B3. DJ Fusion – Live
B4. DJ Fusion – For Good & Forever
B5. DJ Fusion – Electric Fusion


Vol. 7 – Godfather Don [192 kbps]

A1. Executive Technology
A2. Cream Of Corina
A3. Slick City Sick
A4. Hot Open
A5. Mi Vida Enfermo
B1. Ream-Embering Ivy
B2. Fuck It Up
B3. The Heat
B4. Fist Full Of Pastelles
B5. The Wicked City


Vol. 8 – Godfather Don, Ghetto Professionals, The Beatnuts, Sean C [192 kbps]

A1. Godfather Don – Do My Thing
A2. Godfather Don – Depressed
A3. Godfather Don – One In Your Ass
A4. Godfather Don – Cus Mania
A5. Godfather Don – Liquid Love
B1. Ghetto Professionals – Sex
B2. Ghetto Professionals – The Range
B3. Ghetto Professionals – Nobody
B4. Ghetto Professionals – Where The Cash At
C1. The Beatnuts – Head Nodder
C2. The Beatnuts – Original
C3. The Beatnuts – Hip Smasher
C4. The Beatnuts – I Want It With You
C5. The Beatnuts – Who Want It With Me?
D1. Sean C – Organized Crime
D2. Sean C – Smoky Mirrors
D3. Sean C – Snake In The Basket
D4. Sean C – Keep It Reala
D5. Sean C – Across 110th


Vol. 9 – A Killed Called Roots [256 kbps]

A1. Elbow My Way..
A2. Spring Action
A3. I’ll Kill You
A4. Black Italians?
A5. Psuedo Mo Bee
B1. In Your Wisdom
B2. East Indian Hop
B3. Don’t Question It!
B4. Over And Over A Fuckin’ Gain!
B5. Psuedo Muff Daddy!


Vol. 10 – Mike Heron [192 kbps]

A1. Angie’s Cookin’
A2. Joey & Ann
A3. Ithaca Street Muzack
A4. Thinkin’ Of Vic
A5. DB’s Again?!! (Interlude)
A6. Adam’s Summer Camp
B1. Pseudo Roots
B2. Beefsteak With Rice & Beans
B3. Skinfade
B4. Ego Trippin’
B5. Half Dollar Nigga


Vol. 11 – Godfather Don [192 kbps]

A1. Mental Liks
A2. Pure Elevation
A3. As The World Burns
A4. Wilson Ave.
A5. Getaway
B1. Feel Me
B2. Pay Back
B3. Where I’m Coming From
B4. Twisted
B5. I’ll Be Back!


Vol. 12 – Nick Wiz [192 kbps]

A1. Black Path
A2. Starite
A3. Mind Crusher
A4. For Da Mental
A5. Four Elements
B1. Over Drive
B2. Slate
B3. Lockness
B4. Slizza
B5. Finally


Vol. 13 – A Kid Called Roots [192 kbps]
A1. Irv Gotti
A2. Dante Ross
A3. Mike Heron
A4. Hip Hop
A5. Matty C & Free
B1. Merlin Bobb
B2. Harve Pierre
B3. Faith Newman
B4. Rob Tulow
B5. Brian Leech


Vol. 14 – Godfather Don [192 kbps]

A1. Unreliable
A2. No Free Shows
A3. Hey! Why Show Up?
A4. Call Me A Cab
A5. Boning
B1. Just Mix It Yourself
B2. My Drivers Downstairs
B3. Video Taping
B4. Beep Lance
B5. Porno’s My Game


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