VA – Block Chronicle Sessions (CD) (1999) (VBR V0)

Posted: 02.09.2019


1. Prelude
2. Beginnings
3. Chains And Shackles Feat. Anvil, Reptile The Masterbuilder, Witchblade
4. Interlude I
5. Smoke Signals Feat. Reptile The Masterbuilder
6. Snake Eyes Feat. Kaution Keith
7. Complex Adrenaline
8. Line ‘Em Up Feat. Kraft, Reptile The Masterbuilder, Rip Shop
9. Interlude II
10. 99 Ways Feat. Duf, Kaution Keith, Striker
11. Post Dimensions
12. Mellodrama
13. Throw Your Threes Up Feat. Rip Shop
14. Full Metal
15. Last Standing
16. Lethal Injection Feat. Duf, Haze Of Third Entity, Jerico Of Third Entity, Kraft, Reptile The Masterbuilder, Witchblade


VBR V0 – Florenfile

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