VA – BASIC Beats Sampler (CD) (1992) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 11.02.2019

Various Artists - BASIC Beats Sampler

Hollywood BASIC is rescuing rap music from the blahs. Remember those labels, back in the early 80’s, whose product you spent your money on regularly cause you already knew it was gonna be def? BASIC isn’t afraid to take chances, or try something new, whether it’s rap, rock, or just somethin with a funky beat. Classic old school, cutting edge new school,or hardcore international beats … it’s BASIC reality.


1 No Artist – You’ve Reached BASIC
2 Organized Konfusion – The Rough Side Of Town (South Side)
3 No Artist – Niz-Nuts
4 Lifers Group – The Real Deal (Shadow Remix)
5 No Artist – Women’s Bathroom
6 Raw Fusion – Rockin’ To The P.M. (Oaktown Homies Remix)
7 No Artist – Rick Sings
8 Queen – We Will Rock You (Ruined By Rick Rubin)
9 No Artist – Zimbabwe’s In The House
10 Zimbabwe Legit – Rhymin’ Wit The African Symphony
11 No Artist – Bomba Fleur
12 Last Acustic Remains – [Untitled]
13 No Artist – Hank Love
14 No Artist – Hello
15 Raw Fusion – Throw Your Hands In The Air
16 No Artist – Ass Out The Bed
17 Lifers Group – Belly Of The Beast
18 No Artist – Report The BASICs
19 Queen – Another One Bites The Dust (Long Dusted B-Boy Version) (feat. DJ Fuze & Money B)
20 No Artist – Rockbarry
21 Organized Konfusion – Open Your Eyes
22 No Artist – Money Back
23 DJ Shadow – BASIC Mega-Mix


FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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  • @mGee read:

    Nice post! Finally, the CD version after all these years! I’ve only had my cassette copy to listen to.

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