VA – Angels & Insects (CD) (2002) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 29.11.2018

Great minds don’t only just think alike, they also like to mingle with each other. Or in a musician’s universe: meet on compilations and record together. That tight knit ‘scene’, if you blatantly wanna use a bad word, is where this compilation stems from, that combines the undisputed musical excellence of luminaries like Plead The 5th, Blueprint, Manifest, Inkwell and Illogic from the Weightless Family, of Aesop Rock, of the Atoms Family members Alaska, Cryptic One, Vast, Vordul and Wind-N-Breeze, of Sub-Conscious, as well as new recruits or extended additions Delta, Kasm, Eudai, Shrug, Impervious and Mojo. All of these people, along with the production skills from Blueprint, Tomek, Delta, T1, Blockhead, Maliks, Apex and Cryptic One, team up to do the “Angels & Insects”, that was long in coming, and that actually centers around talking about angels and insects.
Maybe it’d be harsh to say that with the listing of these artists, you kinda know what to expect, if not what you get on this record. But if those expectancies include nothing but dope somethings, then it might be more of a compliment than at first glance. If not even a pressured thumb put onto the sore spots of artists, that are not allowed to give us anything short of incredible. But these cats are either on a strict diet of inspiration and skills, or they are just lucky (yeah right), because they don’t falter on here. And the concept of talking about angels and insects (in sometimes more, sometimes less direct and exclusive ways), is a concept that’s good enough for nine songs with rhyming and six instrumental cuts.


01. Buggin’ – Plead The 5th
02. Untitled – Tomek
03. An Angels Entomolgy – Delta
04. A & I – Kasm, Vordul, and Vast Aire
05. Untitled – T1
06. Mosquito Bit – Impervious
07. Bad Karma – Aesop Rock
08. Untitled – Tomek
09. Wing Split – Eudai and Shrug
10. Untitled – T1
11. Wings Earned – Blueprint, Manifest, Inkwell, and Illogic
12. The Angel & the Insect – Sub-Conscious and Mojo
13. Untitled – T1
14. 32 Perspectives – Alaska, Cryptic One, and Windnbreeze
15. Untitled – Maliks


FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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  • @young zee read:

    Juicy, you are the man! Thank You very much. A very rare but Incredible compilation album.

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