Two Sense – Records Of The Speciman (Cassette) (1999) (320 kbps)

Posted: 07.11.2019


A1. Most Are Aware, But… (05:16)
A2. Talking Dead Man (05:08)
A3. Evicted (Ft. No Nonaim) (03:32)
A4. Surealism’s Prison (02:26)
A5. Whenever Is Found (Ft. Nigh) (05:00)
A6. We Devolve (04:37)
A7. Up-Side Drowned (Mental) (03:26)
A8. The Two Stages (Feat. Cecilia) (Mental) (00:47)
A9. Turned Tables (Mental) (01:34)
B1. State Of Disturbance (Ft. Dempswa & Soil) (06:16)
B2. Drenknowledgy (Mental) (01:21)
B3. Wrekordz Of The Species Man (Mental) (02:23)
B4. Dleusion Of Granduer (Mental) (06:45)
B5. The Two Faces Of Time (Mental) (07:55)
B6. Alienatives (Ft. Defiance & Einnod) (05:04)
B7. M.D.M.A. (Outro) (01:41)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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