True Live – Found Lost (CD) (2009) (320 kbps)

Posted: 15.02.2020

True Live are a truly unique entity. Since their very first performance in 2005, they have defied categorisation and belonged to a genre all of their own. With each of the band’s six prodigal members bringing their own set of influences to the table, the outcome is something unlike anything you’re accustomed to hearing.

Formed from a selected group of musicians from Melbourne’s rich improv scene by leader / frontman / producer RHyNO, with the assistance of older, wiser musicians – the young upstart managed to score himself the hands down finest selection of players from some of the more eclectic realms of musical taste. The collective includes late period Miles / Coltrane head with a love for Madlib and Justice, Thai Matus (keyboards) and obsessive bebop violinist Tamil Rogeon. Then there’s hip-hop trad jazz DJ / double bassist Tom Tom, rare groove funk drummer Choi and heir to the Blake string linage (3 generations deep of string players) and Nitin Sawney collaborator, Tim Blake.


01. Raise Up (Suburb Child)
02. Man Man (Inconvenient Blues)
03. Something To Be (Media Training)
04. Look To The Skies (Why)
05. Got To Go, Got To Take Me (Tango)
06. Best Thing Man (Yo Yo)
07. Got Your Back (Baby)
08. Somewhere I Can Go (Shoopadoop)
09. Damn Right (Damn Right)
10. Know If I Knew (I Don’t)
11. Need To Be Now (Rabbit Hole)
12. Things Have Changed (Intro)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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