The Primeridian – Da AllNighta (CD) (2005) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 09.10.2015

All Natural’s latest release, The Primeridian’s “Da All Nighta”, sticks to the label’s familiar, time-tested recipe: smart, savvy, and soulful. In this follow-up to their debut, 2001’s “I’ll Meet You in Greenwich”, the Windy City duo achieves a refreshing level of intelligence and maturity. “Grown-ass man music”, if you will. And while they might have aged a little TOO well, their unique style is a respectable change of pace from today’s overdone, plastic hip-hop scene.

The Primeridan, comprised of double-threat emcee/producers Jaime Roundtree (Tree the Scarecrow) and Simeon Viltz (See-Me-On aka V), pay their respects to the lost art of musicianship, injecting their own live instrumentation into the usual production techniques. This gives the album an organic feel that’s palpable throughout.


01. Close The Door (feat. DJ Norm)
02. Floatin’ (feat. Nick Jaffee)
03. Smoke Signals (feat. DJ Norm, GQ Da Teacher)
04. Trumpets Of Zion (feat. CAMOFLAJJONES , Kafele Bandele)
05. Yeah, Yeah We Know (feat. Race-Tacular)
06. When We First Kissed
07. Pose To Do (feat. Rachel)
08. Tatuduhendi (Boogie Man)
09. Broken Wings (feat. Uneq’ka)
10. Social Studies Pt Two (feat. DJ Norm)
11. Off Tha Track (feat. J. Sands)
12. Brain Power (feat. Angel, Clarence, Epic, Jessica, Kent, Lisa Lust , Lyric, Mike P, Shureice Kornegay, Smiles, Travonne , Yusef)
13. Midwest Grit
14. Our Life’s Passion (Ooo-Lala)
15. Wisdom (Reprise)
16. Melody (feat. Golda)
17. From The Go (feat. DJ Smoove)
18. Shoutro
19. Tatuduhendi (Reprise) (feat. Mario From WHPK 88.5 Chicago)


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