SO.Crates – Malcolm After Mecca (WEB) (2022) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 17.06.2022
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This is a warning from a certain general. As the introduction of this record clearly states, this record is not explicitly or exclusively about the great legacy of our dear Brother Malcolm. This record is not an ode or a retrospective. Put your ear to Phil Cohran and his Artistic Heritage Ensemble for that proper majesty. No this wax is not that at all.

The Price of Forgiveness.

So then what are we to make of this record with a heavy name? In my humble opinion it is at its heart two artists beginning the exploration of a PROGRAM. Malcolm After Mecca is indeed a program of self-actualization. The function that takes A to Z. The unpacking of what made the A in the first place and why it should aspire to that distant, hard knock, got-to-see-it-to-be-it Z.


01. Intruh (feat. Nui Moon) (03:04)
02. 7th Day (feat. Kevin Mark Trail) (04:00)
03. Loan-Sum (feat. Mike Thesis & Thamson.P) (03:27)
04. Beaut-I-Full World (feat. Kalala & Zima) (03:28)
05. Existential Lessons (feat. Tiana Khasi) (03:48)
06. Stars (feat. Whosane & Pataphysics) (05:12)
07. Full Moon (feat. Ruru.432) (02:47)
08. Sazon (feat. Izy) (04:42)
09. S.F. Holiday (feat. Izy) (02:54)
10. Black Bond (04:42)
11. Mercy (03:42)
12. Us (feat. Krown, Pookie, Mike Thesis, Tumi the Be, 1_6, Clandestino, Rara Zulu & Nelson Dialect) (05:14)
13. Hold on (To the Fallen Ones) (03:08)
14. Fresh Gold Bloom-Age (04:03)
15. This 2 (4 Moses) (03:24)
16. Curtis on the Hiss (02:16)
17. The Price of Forgiveness (feat. Dj Spell & Pataphysics) (02:40)


FLAC – Florenfile

320 kbps – Florenfile

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