Slum Village – Unreleased & Out-Takes 1996-1999 (WEB) (2003) (VBR)

Posted: 04.05.2017

This was originally posted on our blog 4 years ago. Since then we have had multiple requests for a re-up. The audio files of this one show that they are 320 kbps, but technically they are much closer to a lower VBR quality. But still I’ve decided to re-up this one because I am not sure if there are any better audio files of this one available.


1. 1,2,3,4
2. World Full Of Sadness
3. Yum Yum
4. Sensation
5. Fly Girl
6. Fly Girl 2
7. Once Upon A Time (Pete Rock Remix)
8. 2U4U (Remix)
9. We Be Dem (Atomic Dog Mix)
10. 2U4U (Original)
11. Fall In Love (Demo)
12. Get Dis Money (Alternate)
13. The Hustle (Ft Busta Rhymes)
14. Forth & Back (Original) (Ft Kurupt)
15. Do Our Thang
16. Hoes (Original)

Uploaded / Florenfile

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7 comments "Slum Village – Unreleased & Out-Takes 1996-1999 (WEB) (2003) (VBR)"

  • @XYZ read:

    Link is dead.

  • @haZe read:

    Can nobody please reup this Release? Thanks

  • @John read:

    Link isn’t working can you please Re-up? Thanks

  • @Datafile read:

    Please re up

  • @briancasper read:

    Link dead, re-up please

  • @dan read:

    only available to premium downloaders fuck your shit then wankers

    • @Janka-Man read:

      Why is that ”uploaded” link then for? Ever wondered about that one?

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