RZA – Digital Bullet (Limited Edition CD) (2001) (FLAC + 320 kbps)

Posted: 25.08.2017

Digital Bullet is RZA’s second album under his latest alias, as Bobby Digital. It’s no shock that he brought Bobby back; the first Digital outing, Bobby Digital in Stereo, was a high mark in the Wu Tang Clan producer’s prolific career. What is a bit surprising is the sound of this effort, which frequently stretches all the way back to the mystical murk of the Clan’s first album, Enter the Wu-Tang. The muffled beats and disorienting, late-night soundscapes of that hip-hop classic have been imitated countless times since its 1993 release, but nobody does ’em like the Rizza, and uneasy tracks like “Must Be Bobby” and “Domestic Violence Pt. 2” seem to bring him full circle — as does the presence of several Clan members, including the jailed ODB. Even the nods to the mainstream — “Glocko Pop” and the swaying single “La Rhumba” — seem, like RZA’s best work, to have arrived from a slightly different dimension. Meanwhile, there is a storyline to this installment of the Digital story, but as on In Stereo, listeners have to use some imagination to fill it out; RZA’s rhymes are often as evocative and opaque as the kung-fu flicks he loves. But as always, he creates tracks that are more about atmosphere than message — and when he’s on his game, as he is here, it’s hard to argue with that approach.


01 – Show U Love
02 – Can’t Loose (Feat. Beretta 9)
03 – Glocko Pop (Feat. Wu-Tang Clan)
04 – Must Be Bobby
05 – Brooklyn Babies (Feat. Masta Killa)
06 – Domestic Violence Pt. 2 (Feat. Big Gipp)
07 – Do U (Feat. GZA, Prodical)
08 – Fools (Feat. Killa Sin)
09 – La Rhumba (Feat. Method Man, Killa Sin, Berretta 9)
10 – Black Widow Pt. 2 (Feat. ODB)
11 – Shady (Feat. Intrigue)
12 – Break Bread (Feat. Jamie Sommers)
13 – Bong Bong (Feat. Berretta 9, Mad Cez)
14 – Throw Your Flag Up (Feat. Black Knights)
15 – Be A Man
16 – Righteous Way (Feat. Jr. Reid)
17 – Build Strong (Feat. Tekitha)
18 – Sickness
19 – Cousins
20 – Odyssey


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