Revolution Of The Mind – Rebel Rap (WEB) (2007) (320 kbps)

Posted: 13.03.2019


If revolution had a soundtrack, what would that sound be? A duo of devoted artists/activists from the West Coast may have the answer.
ROTM’s Iranian-born, California-raised frontman I.Sheik reflects the realities of revolution and exile through powerful and refined lyricism. The child of an influential activist and freedom-fighter, politics have always surrounded Sheik in his daily life.
This was part of what led Sheik to form an early emotional bond with hip hop. As a teenager, Sheik began to write rhymes and hone his freestyle skills in the schoolyard and at house parties. Though initially showing strong influences from his favorite artists, Sheik grew to develop a method and style uniquely his own, while remaining actively involved in causes of freedom and social justice.
During this same time, a few hundred miles south in LA, DJ Dfi was putting in work to learn the art of crate-digging, using timeless soul, jazz, funk, rock and early hip-hop records to mold his own musical identity as a fierce battle DJ and producer.
Dfi and Sheik met in the Bay Area in the early 2000s and began making music together. As they transferred their collective skills into the recording studio, the duo formed REVOLUTION OF THE MIND and since then, they have performed with the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan, Dead Prez, KRS-One, Jedi Mind Tricks, Psycho Realm, The Beatnuts and many others.
In 2008, ROTM began collaborating and performing on stage with Sabac Red, formerly of the group Non-Phixion. The following year ROTM took part in a successful European tour headlined by Sabac and members of Jedi Mind Tricks/Army of the Pharaohs. Upon returning from the tour, Sabac signed on to executive produce ROTM’s new project.
The duo began collaborating with some of the most talented MC’s and producers in the independent scene. ROTM’s new album “Honor In Sin” features appearances and production from Sabac Red, Outerspace, Reef The Lost Cauze, Keelay & Zaire, Snowgoons, SickNature and many more.


01. Revolution Of The Mind (03:43)
02. Rebel Rap (The Beginning Of The End) (04:13)
03. Before You Open Your Mouth… (02:44)
04. Eye See Ya (03:15)
05. Digital Crack (05:09)
06. Seyyed (Descendant Of The Prophet) (04:45)
07. Whuchugot (03:00)
08. Gun Talk (01:50)
09. What 4 (02:57)
10. In Time (05:22)
11. Enemy At The Gate (03:39)
12. Elements (02:06)
13. Liquidation (Remix) (05:17)
14. 11:59 (02:18)
15. Lyrical Assassin (Bonus Track) (03:30)


320 kbps – Florenfile

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